RezFree® is a natural, CERES certified and organic bio-stimulant with NO chemical additives.

What is RezFree®?

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1- More fruitful harvest,rezfree bottle

By increasing the fruiting capacity of plants, RezFree® increases the efficiency.

2- Elimination of the soil based stress, By regulating the stress factors in the soil,

RezFree® helps steady growth of plants.

3- Conditioning the soil, the increase of micro-organism activity,

RezFree® contains organic materials by 15%, organic carbon by 9% and nitrogen by 1%.

4- Establishing pH balance and healthy conditions for plant to grow,

RezFree® regulates the micro organic activities in the soil.

5- Elimination of the negative impacts caused by pesticide and fertilizer residues in the soil/land,

RezFree® degrades the chemical compounds into components and eliminates the negative effects of pesticide and fertilizer residues.

6- Growing immune plants against the fungal and bacterial infections, savings of the pesticide costs,

RezFree® improves the immune system of plants by means of enzymes.

7- Growing of the residue-free agricultural crops that can be exported without any obstacles,

RezFree® eliminates the residues of pesticides. Herewith there wouldn’t be any customs problems depending on residues.

8- Increasing plants endurance to the abiotic factors such as frost and draught,

RezFree® improves durability of plant in case of emergency (frost, draught and diseases)

9- Conversion of compound plant nutrients to an absorbable format,

RezFree® decomposes the chemicals into components, which can be used by plant.

10- Creating strong root structure of the plants,

RezFree® improves the root development and plants can absorb more nutrients from soil.

11- Saving water by increasing the soil/land’s water absorption capacity,

RezFree® increases the activity of microorganisms in the soil by which the water absorption capacity of plants increases.

12- Decreasing the harvest cost, by using fewer pesticides fertilizers amounts.

RezFree® improves the immune system of plants and there will be no need to use more pesticides. So, the costs go down!


  • RezFree® increases the clusters and provides better tillering resulting in increased yield.

  • Increases the internodes and makes the plant grow more than average.

  • Promotes root growth and development.

  • Increases the germinating capacity of the seeds.

  • Improves fiber quality in fiber rich plants.

  • Enhances oil production in oil producing plants.

  • Increases protein levels in grains.

  • Provides early nouaison which results in early harvest.

  • Decreases soil salinity by breaking up the salt molecules. Soil salinity is the number one cause of agriculture land loss globally.

  • Improves the plant’s immune system and protects against diseases caused by fungi.

  • Drastically lowers the cost of pesticides, other chemicals, and water usage.

  • Enhances crop marketability and ROI by removing pesticide and other chemical residue form the soil and plant – Organic.

  • Increases the microbiological activity which also results in better water absorption capacity (by increasing the amount of water absorbing bacteria in the roots).

  • Prevents the ‘drying and yellowing’ effects of plants caused by lime.

  • Extends product’s shelf life.

  • RezFree® promotes the natural development of microbiological activity in the treated soil crucial for plant health and growth.

  • RezFree® works to break down the chemical compounds in the soil from pesticides and fertilizers responsible for damaging soil health and affecting plant growth.

  • RezFree® promotes the growth of ‘useful bacteria’ in the treated soil. These bacteria produce amino acids that increase organic matter in the soil.

  • RezFree® develops a natural wax layer protecting plants from both draught and freezing. RezFree® contains enzymes that divide carbohydrate molecules into Oligosaccharide molecules. Oligosaccharides have root growth-promoting activity.Oligosaccharides are molecules that capture air moisture and keep it locked in the plant leaves thus protecting them against drought.

  • RezFree® delivers Oligosaccharides in the soil through the plant roots and all the way to the plant leaves. Oligosaccharides are also applied through direct plant spraying.