What is RezFree® ?

RezFree® is an organic, unique and innovative product that completely cleanses -and in some cases minimizes- pesticide and chemical fertilizer residues in soil, plants and products in only 48 hours.

Does RezFree® have any side-effects?

When used in correct doses as explained in application table, RezFree® has no side-effects.

Can we use RezFree® as a fertilizer?

RezFree® will be more effective when used in corroborative with fertilizers.

How does RezFree® cleanse the soil ?

RezFree® decomposes the chemicals into components, which can be used by plant.

Does RezFree® have an effect on salt soil ?

RezFree® cleanses away the postpone effect of salinity in the soil.

Is there any difference for RezFree® applications at greenhouses and fields ?

No, there isn’t any difference for applications.

When is the optimum time for RezFree® application ?

Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times to apply RezFree®.

Can we use other fertilizer with RezFree® at the same time ?

We can use RezFree® with basic fertilizers. RezFree® should be used right after basic fertilizer application but never mix with it.

What is the effect of RezFree® on dry soil?

RezFree® should be used on saturated soils.

What is the storage temperature of RezFree® ?

RezFree® should be stored between 39.2-68.0 F (4-20 0C)

What are the ingredients of RezFree® ?

RezFree® includes organic materials by 15%, organic carbon by 9% and nitrogen by 1%.

Is it possible to use RezFree® for every kind of plants?

Yes, RezFree® is developed to be used for every kind of plant.

What is the effect of RezFree® on productivity ?

According to the test results, it is determined that RezFree® increases the productivity of plants by 30%, minimum.

How should be RezFree® used by pesticides ?

To achieve the best results, RezFree® should be used right after the active day period of the pesticides used.

How fast does RezFree® minimize and/or cleanse the soil ?

RezFree® completely cleanses -and in some cases minimizes- pesticide and chemical fertilizer residues in soil, plants and products in only 48 hours.

Is RezFree® effective on all kind of active materials ?

RezFree® is active for all kinds of active materials. So far we have the best results for Acetamiprid, Metribuzin, Pyridaben, Imazalil, Spinosad, Penconazole, Chlorothanolil, Captan, Azoxystrobine, Tepraloxydim, Trifluralin, DDT, Chlorpyrifos, Difeniconazole, Methidathon, Pyrimethanil, Tebuconazole, Fluopyram, Methoxyfenozide, Indoxacarb, Penconazole, Propargite, Clofentezine, Ametocradin, Pyraclostrobin, Fenhexamid, and Boscalid.

In which irrigation system RezFree® can be used?

RezFree® can be used in all irrigation systems.

Has RezFree® ever been tested ?

RezFree® has been tested in USA (Texas, Pennsylvania, California and New Jersey), Turkey, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Spain, Russia, and Azerbaijan. And the results are outstanding!

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How can I buy the RezFree® ?

RezFree is now a unique, innovative product we sell worldwide. To place an order, please reach us via “Contact Us”.